Facade Cladding and Wall Decoration



A facade of treated split wood element that completes your vision, has a character of its own and generates energy. Experience the shape and its details on the finished facade surface. Visualise the materials and colours in different lighting, and from various perspectives.

Leading architects say that the European Construction Industry is looking to timber for their projects. They believe that timber will be the solution to many of the problems facing the construction industry. Environmentalists believe that timber with its extremely low carbon footprint has a major role to play in the construction industry.  Concrete on the other hand, as is well known, has a very high carbon footprint. This can be put down to production, transport and installation factors all of which have major consequences for the environment. Therefore, it is very exciting for our company to present a whole new series of natural wood based products for retaining walls. These environmentally friendly products are aesthetically pleasing and offer a number of architectural finishes that fit with the natural landscape. All Unik timber facing panels are produced from timber are sourced from forests certified under the FSC system.